Circular highway in Jelgava: work without winter holidays


Everyone knows that the majority of road construction work is carried out during the warm seasons. However, when road construction work is carried out by a professional team like DSM MEISTARI, quality road construction work can be delivered during any season.

The reconstruction of the circular highway in Jelgava is one of the biggest projects in its field. This transit street connects the A8 road and Kalnciema street, P99 road Jelgava – Kalnciems, and is also a part of a promising bypass. The main goals of this project are the improvement of traffic flow and road safety, as well as the adjustment of the infrastructure of the city. The city government of Jelgava cares not only about the beauty of the city, but also about its’ future and prospects.
Our main task is not only to give this city beautiful and high-quality street, but also to make this 4,64 km long road stretch as functional as possible and provide even better logistic communication. Apart from that, this project will also improve the connection of this route with TEN-T – Trans-European Transport Network. 

We are working on this project in a close cooperation with PS (limited partnership) RERE VIDE – HIDROSTATYBA. Considering the scope and time limits of this project, the roadworks were carried out during the cold seasons too. Therefore, special attention was paid to the quality of materials and specialized equipment, as well as to the compliance to all of the general safety and winter road construction safety regulations. During the cold weather this is more important than ever, because further maintenance of a high-quality road surface is considerably easier and the occurrence of road cracks happens only after much longer use. 

DSM MEISTARI know a lot about high-quality roads: road works carried out by us always guarantee the highest quality during the coldest or warmest seasons!


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