Circular highway in Jelgava: progress in February and March


Spring is approaching, and DSM MEISTARI are continuing the road reconstruction work of the circular highway in Jelgava in cooperation with PS (limited partnership) RERE VIDE – HIDROSTATYBA. The high qualification of our employees, a full range of road repair and construction equipment and many years of experience allow us to carry out this project soundly, regardless of weather conditions.

During February and March a lot of work was done:

  • Over 10 000 m2 of old asphalt was milled 
  • More than 1500 m of old road curbs were removed
  • More than 2000 m3 of soil was excavated 
During this period, many dismantling jobs were being actively conducted (including the milling of the old asphalt, the removal of old road curbs, the excavation of soil, cutting down trees and bushes, etc.), as well as jobs related to the installation of storm sewers. 

At the moment, we have started working on the installation of the drainage system, laying of geotextile and filling of the drainage layer of sand under the main road. Apart from that, work on the construction of sidewalks and parking lots adjacent to the main road was started as well. 

During the reconstruction or construction of roads, one of the biggest and most important roles is taken up not only by milling of the old surface and laying the new one, but also by the installation of storm sewers and drainage systems. It is storm sewers and drainage systems that help protecting the road and the surrounding area from excessive precipitation, erosion, thaw and other excess moisture. DSM MEISTARI know that it’s impossible to build good roads without high-quality engineering networks. 


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