Road construction

One of the main goals of DSM MEISTARI is to improve the quality and aesthetic characteristics of the infrastructure and road surface in Latvia. We have everything needed for performing the repair and construction roadworks with the highest quality and in the shortest period of time. 

The process of roadworks includes the construction of earth bed grade levels and pavement, the construction of road maintenance buildings and the construction of the necessary man-made structures. Our profile is not only construction, repair and reconstruction of roads, but also patching or major repairs and resurfacing. Our expert team can offer you an impressive range of services:

  • asphalt and concrete pavement construction
  • sand and gravel foundation construction
  • concrete foundation construction
  • sampling and removal of soil (with mechanisms and manually)
  • border stone installation 
  • temporary road construction
  • dirt road and field road construction
  • outdoor sports facilities construction
  • laying paving 
  • etc.

Our services